What To Do After a Car Accident With the Children

A day of family fun often starts with packing the children into the car or truck and making sure they are all safely bucked into their car seats or seatbelts. Then a parent or grandparent gets behind the wheel of the car to drive to the chosen destination. While it might not be on the agenda, what should people do after a car accident with the children?

Safety First

Always remember to drive safely with the kids to ensure their well-being. Everyone should be buckled into their seats and behave appropriately during the ride to avoid distractions. But even everyone in the vehicle follows car safety rules, other hazardous drivers on the road can cause accidents through their negligence.

Never Panic

Children may get upset, stressed, and injured by the impact of a car accident. Never panic, and always be focused on getting help right away. Call the emergency number for the police department to get an officer and ambulance to the scene of the accident.

Always Get a Report and Medical Attention

What seems to be a minor accident at the time can turn into something major later. Always have a police officer take a report of the accident and find out how to get a copy. Then, go to the hospital emergency room for a checkup even if everyone looks alright.

Undetected Problems

If nobody is bleeding, often people skip the opportunity to go to the hospital. Remember, auto insurance covers this necessary expense, so do not worry about the medical bills. Some injuries might not be easy to see but can cause the victim problems for years to come.

Consult With a Reputable Attorney

The next call to make after a car accident is to a reputable attorney who handles these types of cases. Schedule an initial consultation to see if the accident can be a potential case, its value, and what should be done next. Always talk to an attorney before making any formal statements to the insurance companies.

An insurance company wants to reduce their costs and might not act in the best interests of the victims. An attorney works for the victims of a car accident to protect their rights every step of the way. Take care of everyone in the car, including the kids, by contacting a respected attorney about the accident.